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I know it has really been a long time, I was so busy and much has happened since I last wrote. I miss you guys. Today is all about new possibilities.

WHEN IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE just know then that YOU have got it all under control

it is sometimes very hard to get it together even when you know deep inside of you that’s all is needed in that moment. You are not the only one that can lazy around, everyone has that in common. The only thing that set the successive people apart is that they ignore the lazy part of themselves and strived till they made it.

To get up from my bed immediately that alarm sets off occasionally becomes an issue. At that moment, I could come up with more that 10 reasons why I should tap that sound off and go back under my blanket but I don’t. Against all odds I ignore my lazy-worrying self and the mumbling voice in my head. I take a deep breath in and arise, embracing the possibility, positivity and peculiarity of the day.

I am not saying it is not tough to move on especially when you had a bad day yesterday or things aren’t going the way you have planned it all out, but you can’t just throw the towel in. Giving up does not solve the issue or bring you to a place of rest.

Remember, you have made it this far through mountains so high and valleys so low. Previously, at the last minute everything seemed perfect and things started falling in place, this time will also be no difference. When it looks like a situation is going out of hand, God makes a way.

For those of you hanging onto the belief that you cannot do it again simply because you failed previously. I am here to tell you that failure isn’t the end of the journey, in fact, it is the beginning of a new phase of your life. It is all part of learning for you not to make the same mistake again. You were never destined to fail, the only time you become a failure is when you decide not to stand back up, start all over, push forward and continue the journey of life.

Tony Robin said, “When it seems so impossible like nothing is going to work, you are usually just a few millimeters away from making it happen.”

You are so close to the door of breakthrough, don’t give up now.

To conclude, put your trust in God that can turn things around and make all things possible.In Mark 10:27 New International Version (NIV) 27 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

Lots of Love


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10 ways you can save more money, num 1 was so much fun.

At some point we all had one thing or another we wished we had more than enough money for but it wasn’t available at that moment, maybe money saved up somewhere might have been of help but that never existed either.

My saving journey started when I decided to take my first trip around the Philippines in 2011.

For the fact that I just returned from another country, If I had to tell my parents about traveling again, I would have to be smart and come up with some of the money so they can give consideration of paying the rest, and trust me it always works.

I have saved a lot of money using this tips over the years and it has landed me in many countries and helped me on the “rainy” days like I call it (when you are broke).

1. Open a fixed deposits account or Get a piggy sealed pot: this was actually my first saving method, I had created a wooden piggy box which I dropped 100peso (less than $3) everyday as I came through my door and any other amounts I felt like depositing in it when I am in a good mood. The day I broke the box which was after 7months I was able to generate $494 after conversion. 

Just keep putting in money, it’s a one way post, you have to be disciplined about it and forget the money exists until it is needed.

2. Have a budget: draw up a particular amount of money you want to use to embark on every activity or purchases you do, it helps you keep track and avoid unnecessary spending.

3. Before you spend, save up: Whenever I spend before saving I end up with little or nothing at all to save so commit yourself to a particular amount each day, weekly or monthly and save it immediately you get your allowance or salary. 

4. Decrease inessential spending: Note all the things you spend money on and cut out all the ones that aren’t so necessary. I know It’s easier said than done but it will help you save more money than you can imagine.

5. Have a specific goal: how much do you want to save in a day or week or month, note it, be realistic with yourself when doing this so you can achieve it.

6. Focus on the WHY: what is the reason behind your savings? Travel, housing, car, children. Whatever the answer, focus on it, so  that you will be motivated to save more.

7. Shop more on sales day: I got this from my aunt when I travelled to UK, she does her shopping for winter when they are entering into summer cos most things are on sales and vice versa.

8. Cut down or Quit takeouts: it’s time to cook home made food, it’s cheaper and healthier. 

9. Decrease or run from party time: if you  calculate the amount spent on partying alone that you could have saved, you will be surprised. Each gathering comes with spending depending on where the get together is holding, if it’s inevitable to attend parties, decrease to only the super important ones.

10. DIY stuffs: it’s simple, do it yourself if you can instead of spending excessively on it.

How do you save more money for yourself? If it’s missing in the list just add it in the comment.

Lots of Love 


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DIARY OF AN INTERN #3|13 Lessons I learnt so far that would help you 

Time runs so fast, it’s been 4months now since I started internship and I am now in Paediatric department, oh I love babies! In Neonatology at the moment meaning we see newborns alone and do all assessments needed, you can call it postnatal also.

As applied to any other profession or job, there are things you learn during the period of service, I have compiled these thirteen things and it’s been helping me pull through, I hope it helps you also.

1. Know your stuffs:
I said “stuffs” because there are a lot to know. In each department things are run differently, what is applicable in the previous might not be in the next, know your department; consultants, residents, Gmos, interns, students, patients.

On rounds there will be questions thrown at anyone or even you in particular, you might not be able to answer all of course but have an idea, don’t be lost in everything, find out, ask questions, read and research.

2. Open mindedness:
In medical field you can never know everything because there are new inventions everyday so be willing to consider new ideas, learn new things or approach and meet new people. Also try to be understanding, listen and do not be too quick to judge. 

3. Pray ahead: There are a lot you will face everyday I tell you, from little things like communicating to/examining your patients, going for rounds, patients urinating/vomiting on you to big ones of just talking to a patient and the next minute he/she is dead. You definitely need God’s grace to pull you through, before you exit your home, always commit everything in His able hands.

4. Get a thick skin:
people will always talk and there is no doubt about that regardless of what you do or who you are, even people you least expected. Insults may come in diplomatic ways, juniors or seniors might cross the line, don’t let them get under your skin or make you flip to the dark side, coat yourself against words penetration and don’t let anyone steal the joy in your day.

5. Forgive easily:
  I don’t know if it is only me but any day I decide to be on my best behavior is when a lot of things happens just to tempt me and people decides to cross me that day, forgive them in advance before they even offend you. Let go of offences quickly and don’t keep grudges and your life will be much better, it’s for you not for them.

6. Befriend all, keep few:
There are a lot of backstabbing people, they will smile when they see you, give you fake hugs but they are painting you black in front of others, beware of them. Definitely don’t gather enemies either, be amiable to everyone, just be careful and know who has really got your back, only those few you should trust.

7. Compete with yourself:
If you want to be a greater version of yourself, Compete with yourself, it will make you become a better person than you were yesterday.

8. Always be on top of your game:
No body likes slackers or time wasters, you know what to do already, do it. If you don’t, do not be afraid to ask so that you can start collating everything before rounds starts. Don’t let the seniors be ready and you are still confused, or you don’t have everything together, no, it’s doesn’t portray you as a good Doctor.

9. Always apologize and be respectful: whether you were right or wrong, it doesn’t matter at this point especially with a senior, don’t suck up to anyone but at the same time remember you are at the bottom of the ladder. Respect is reciprocal, whether young or old, junior or senior, patients or doctors, respect all.

10. Impairment of judgement:
do not allow other’s judgment to impair yours, because they weren’t treated nicely or loved doesn’t mean you will be treated the same way. Be yourself, do your work diligently and people will automatically be your friend, loving you will be inevitable. 

11. Be early:
Nobody likes late comers or absentees, we all have one million reasons to come late to work or decide to sleep in for a week, be disciplined with your timing. If you are early, you will get the work done earlier and then relax afterwards.

12. Be a good team player:
Work well with people, don’t always be the venom or bad omen or the lazy one no body wants to work with, rather render your help when it’s needed. You should reach the point where your colleagues can solely depend on you.

13. Forget the haters: 
if 80% likes you forget the remaining 20%. In a world where you can definitely not satisfy everyone, if you have gotten as much as 80% to get along with you, you have over tried! I still don’t understand why some people just pick on you unnecessarily though, no matter how hard you try it is just never enough or appreciated, don’t take them on, breath and continue to do your very best.

That’s all I have got for now!

Lot of Love from your girl

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Meet new people and Mingle!

Hello my dears! 

Yah I know, it’s been a while, I have missed you and I hope you are all doing good?

Today’s piece is mainly directed towards knowing eachother better by allowing everyone to drop their best piece here and we will be checking them out together, dropping comments and constructive corrections. You can bring along your friends too so we can have more fun!

It’s gonna go like this;

1. Introduce yourself

2. Tell us something interesting about you

3. Drop the link to your favorite piece in the comment below (only one, it could be yours or a friend that blogs if you don’t)

4. Check out at least two person’s piece and comment on them.


These are the niche I would be focusing more on my personal blogging journey;

As a person I like to motivate, Inspire and put a smile on people’s faces on a daily basis. I also enjoy putting people through or advising them on the easier, faster or better ways to get things done. This platform is a great place to continue and reach out to more people even if it’s just once in a week or fortnightly.

I am a medical doctor by profession, sharing how to live a healthier life and awareness of the so called “little” illnesses that later on in life becomes a big deal would absolutely be beneficial to my readers. Look out for the continuity of my Diary of an Intern series.

The rest of my pieces would go directly on my blog Facebook page @omobim1, do follow, like and share of you don’t want to miss anything.

Go straight to the comment section!

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Recently I have been thinking a lot about my blog and the contents. I don’t have as much time as I use to when I started writing, so I really have to concentrate more on my personal journeys that would cut across more to my readers any time.

I will be taking the time out to really gather my thoughts and know exactly what those are and concentrate more on them rather than anything that pops up. I would operate in a more organized fashion and everything will have a schedule so every week all my followers/readers would know what to except next (section wise).

Before I go I would like to drop this

“The mind is a battlefield we fight in almost every second that passes. Clothe yourself with the right mind and endow yourself with the right attitude so that you will be able to embrace good thoughts that will benefit you. Shut out negativity and be sure open to all the positive things that comes with life. And lastly rejoice in the Lord knowing that He will work everything out for your good.”

Lots of Love!

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That night as I laid down on my bed

groaning in pain, grasping for breath

Seeking the help of an unseen being

Needing badly that miracle people talks about


I looked through the four corners of my room

Nobody was there to lend a hand

I tried to scream for help

But no word was altered as I opened my mouth again and again


I saw death but I wasn’t ready to go with it

Now about to take what I called my last breath

I cried to God for help from above

To give me another shot at life


Suddenly I felt something moved through my body

Like a lightning without a thunder

I felt the earth around me trembling

But there was no buildings falling


Immediately I could speak louder

My pain was gone without a trace

I was able to breath fine again, oh

God touched me and made me whole


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“You didn’t want heaven without us
So Jesus, You brought heaven down
My sin was great, Your love was greater
What could separate us now”







LA Girls Matte flat finish pigment gloss was my get-on lip match for this month, precisely GLG844 BACKSTAGE. Just a little gives me a bold, intense, flat matte finish and lasts the whole day on my lips. The only downside to it is that it takes me so long to get it off my lips but I can handle that, it amazing and I love it. 



I am a big fan of masks and I have a lot of them. This month MINT & LEMON CLAY MASK was my pick mainly because it delivers relief from inflammation caused by breakouts and absorbs oils to minimize shine and large pores. I like the smell, it leaves a clean finish, easy to use and it works for my oily face.




Nikita is a GMO, she was my backbone in gynecology like I always tell her. She puts me through and always READY to help. She became my personal person.


wp-image--1424749715Alexis is a final year pharmacist rotating in obstetric and gynecology for three weeks. We clicked together almost immediately. She just ALWAYS appears at the right time. I miss you girl.



I just couldn’t end without apologizing for not dropping a post last week as usual, I was indisposed and had to take care of my health. I might be having intervals in posting but I will keep writing.

Lots of Love from your girl and HAPPY NEW MONTH IN ADVANCE!


When we were young, we behaved a certain way. We most often perceived life as to having only one dimension to it, but as we grow and experience life, we start realising that there is always another side to a coin. This makes us start seeing things in other perspectives. Now, we act differently, act maturely and process faster. 

In reference to the experience I shared with you last week, “I think I crushed my crush, I made a promised to offer some solutions. With that in mind, here are some practical, experimented ways to avoid crushing your crush.


1. Don’t ignore the issue: 

wp-image-1109367770It is out in the open already, so try and discuss it and immediately trash it out. Pretending you didn’t hear it or switching topics is not the best way to escape from the situation at hand.

2. Don’t pity: 

wp-image--1421831034The part where you decide to pity your crush and withhold your true emotions of not really feeling anything for him/her will only hurt both parties at the end. Don’t be ashamed of letting out your own true feelings.

3. Don’t beat around the bush: 


Tell him/her the honest truth of your feelings, but politely and with kindness. Don’t laugh at them or remain speechless for a long period. Try as much as you can to respect their feelings and appreciate the fact that he/she opened up to you, because what he/she unravelled to you wasn’t just a day’s thought. If you have been in a similar situation, you will acknowledge that it takes a great effort, determination and courage for someone to express themselves in such a manner.

4. Don’t give excuses: 


There is no need of finding an excuse for not wanting him/her. Avoid using words like, “Oh it’s not you, it’s me 👎.”

5. Don’t put them on suspense: 

wp-image--357300206It is a bad thing to be rejected, but it is even worse to be given hope that is non-existent. If you makes it look like you are also interested, and that you needed some time when you are clearly not, you will end up hurting them more than you can imagine.



1. Always start with an appreciative words. Example, “Wow, am flattered” or “thanks for letting me know”. Avoid words like, “really, you are?”, or “I can’t believe this”.

2. Make sure you resolve the discussion before anyone leaves. If not, you might as well be kissing your friendship goodbye.

3. Be firm about your decision, there is no room to be confused about the way you feel at that moment. It might come as a shock to you, but get over it quickly.


4. Try as much as you can to remain calm and speak nicely. On no occasion should you get angry because someone opened up to you about their feelings.

5. Patiently wait it out, it is only suppose to last for five (5) months at most, then resolution comes naturally. As says an adage, “time heals all wounds”.



You should know it’s a two way thing, and the answer could either be yes or no. So, prepare your mind before letting the cat out of the bag. I know it hurts a lot if the response is NO, but you don’t want to lose your friend just because you can’t control your emotions.

I hope these will help in a way to deal with situations like this next time.

Lot of Love from your girl

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STORY TIME| I think I crushed my crush

“Let me just say there is no room for pretence here,” was what my friend said as he asked me who was my crush while eating dinner in my living room on a hot🔥 Sunday evening. 

I had a smile on my face as I repositioned myself to think about the question carefully. Not just because no guy had ever asked me that before, but also at that moment I wasn’t expecting those words from him. He was a serious nerdy, bibliophile, and churchy kind of person. 
“Is this a trap?” I asked myself. 

I wasn’t certain, but I knew at that moment I was in dilemma, placed at a corner I couldn’t escape from. It was like being between the devil and the deep blue sea.

I am certain that some of you can correctly guess my facial expressions and my next words at this moment. I was literally in shock and wonderstrucked that I didn’t realize when I started mumbling things like, “ehhh…mmm…my crushhh? hmm… you mean my crushhh? …ehh…Ok…I am not sure I have one.” As I finally started saying something coherent. “But if I give it a thought, maybe one might pop up”. That was all I could come up with. 

I have never seen him laugh so hard like he did that day.

Finally, I regained my composure and confidently said, “none, I had one before but I got over him.”

“Overtime, I stopped giving room for crushes, because I hate the windows of hope shutting down in my face and getting my feelings all up for nothing.” I continued.

“So true,” he replied hastily. 

Now suspicious of him, I silently asked with almost a whispering voice, “do you by any chance have a crush on someone I know?”

“Oh yes, I actually do, but I am not sure she feels the same way and yes, you do know her.” He replied. 

At this point, most of you would probably have gotten the gist, but my innocent self had no clue. Out of curiosity I asked, “Who is she? Maybe I can tell you if she does.” Hahaha, I can’t believe myself also. 

“It’s you Debby, but don’t freak out.” He muttered.

My jaw dropped, couldn’t even put the morsel of swallow in my wide opened mouth, my hand just got stucked in the air. “Oh no, I don’t feel the same way, what do I do now?” I asked myself yet again.

Trying to prevent anything that would ruin our friendship, I said, “don’t worry about it, we are still friends, let’s just talk about something more interesting.”

From his facial expressions, I realized I might just have rekindled the blazing inferno.

“So, you don’t care about my emotions at all even to at least discuss it? Wow, for one second I thought maybe you might feel the same way if you knew. You can at least pretend you care. I am leaving, thanks for the dinner.” He said as he packed his plates and moved towards the kitchen. 

Still confused about the whole scenario going on, I dropped my morsel back into my plate and rushed after him. 

“I am sincerely sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, it’s just that I don’t feel the same way. We are just friends and I would like it to remain same. I didn’t want to break your heart by telling you my true feelings. That’s why I wanted to switch topic.” I explained calmly.

As he approached the front door to exit my house, he said, “Well, either ways my heart still feels like it has just been ripped out of my chest, because I wanted to be more than just a friend.”

I played and replayed the scene over and over again and it still feels like it’s all a dream. Everything happened so fast. How did a nice dinner conversation turn into a chaotic, disastrous goodbyes. 
I think I have crushed my crush. 

To be continued!


If you were in my shoes is there anything you think you would have done differently within a twinkle of an eye?

Lots of Love.

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7 things I learnt as a student living abroad

It wasn’t my first time travelling out of my parent’s vicinity but it just seemed new all over. Leaving my friends and people that had grown to become family behind again, am sure it’s not me alone but it’s always super hard.

came as an international student in 2012 to study medicine at Texila American university, Georgetown, Guyana after my studies in the Philippines.

When I got here, it was not exactly what I had thought it would be but I guess part of being an adult is adapting and trying to make things work. A lot needed to change and all responsibility was on me now, every decision I make counts. 

Let me tip you in on some of the things I learnt that might be useful 

1. You call the shots now: It’s absolute freedom! No one is supervising or instructing you. You are so on your own especially with issues that needs immediate attention. Parents and friends could chip in occasionally but the decision making are all you now, so make the right ones. 

2. Try comfortable but affordable: I would not advice you to go cheap on things that can bring you comfort especially if you are staying more than a year but don’t over do it, get necessities only and be wise about your spending. Go for things that would make studying and living conducive for you to attain excellence. Like I tell my friends, the outside world might be chaotic but as long as my home makes me smile as I step in, I will be fine.

3. Make friends not enemies: You are in a new country to study, I get it, also try to mingle with people in it and experience their culture and the jaw dropping wonders it brings. You can also build amazing relationships and network from there. 

4. Communicate with your people often: Technology has made things much more easier, so make use of it. If you can’t call, drop a message, check up on them. It will ease their worries and also keep you calm to focus. My rule, “If you miss them, beep them”.

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5. Move around: I had a triangular movement for a while in Philippines. It went like this; home→church→home→school→home. Few weeks before leaving the country I started exploring and I realized I had not seen enough of the country but it was time to pack my bags and say goodbye. I didn’t make the same mistake in Guyana, I take any chances I got to travel around. Go out and see the interesting places in the country, 

6. Learn the language: I wish someone had informed me earlier about this I would have saved a lot of money. Immediately I speak, the prices of items automatically increases because it is so obvious I am a foreigner. It might seem irrelevant but if you are staying more than a year I advice you should, especially for shopping and communication sake, learn the basics.

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7. Take your studies seriously: if you succeed, it’s all for you. I am not saying don’t have a time out but don’t place the wrong things as priority. Study hard, participate in class, ask questions, submit assignments on time, show up for class and so on, am sure you got the point already. 

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I know it’s tough to be a student in a foreign land at the beginning, as time goes on you will get used to it. I hope this was insightful enough to help someone..

Lots of Love