DIARY OF AN INTERN #1| first week was a blast


Hi! I hope everyone had a blast like I did this week? Bringing you up to speed, remember in my post, DO IT YOURSELF|a circle skirt, I told you guys I was waiting for internship. Finally, I got a slot at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). Orientation took place last week and sections began this week.

My first rotation is in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. So far, it’s been great. I will be on night shift for four weeks and the whole rotation is three months.

My first day as an intern would forever be remembered because I was at the hospital for 25hrs with no change of clothing, food, beddings or comfortable shoes to wear (I was on high-heeled shoes throughout). It happened this way because I wasn’t earlier informed I would be ON CALL that day and I couldn’t go back home but favour located me. Before the day ended, amazing Doctors provided me with everything I needed to be comfortable. Though I had to wear a scrub twice my size, it was perfect considering the situation.

That scrub would conveniently fit a person thrice my size, had to tie the top by the side and wrapped the rope of the pant around my waist.

I enjoyed working with everyone (interns, Nurse, GMOs, Residents, and Consultant). They were super helpful, accommodating and considerate. Contrary to what I heard and believed, it was a great week for me. I am excited to go in next week and I also believe strongly that it will continue this way.  

Fully alert me @ 5.00pm
Drowsy me @ 5.00am

Now, the part that was not enjoyable for me was having to stay awake when I am ON-CALLS. Attending to patients in the early hours of the morning, sleepwalking through the rounds and waiting to attend to the last patient so I can hurry home to catch some sleep before the next shift. I love my sleep, my bed and the comfort of my room. Does that make me sound lazy? Maybe, but it’s just the truth.

So far, I have learnt to hold on and not give up so quickly. Knowing that God is working His miracles out, I just need to believe and be patient. The internship approval is a great example. There were many obstacles but I did the only thing I knew how to do best when it gets so tough; believe and trust God to make it happen and I started to ENVISION IT as well. After 5months, the phone finally rang and here I am!

Would love to know what you did this week that was fun/a blast or not so enjoyable?

Hugs and Love sent to you from my sofa!


94 thoughts on “DIARY OF AN INTERN #1| first week was a blast

  1. This sounds so tiring but definitely so so interesting! What do you plan on doing after your internship? Or are you going to get the lay of the land first before deciding? Sorry for all the questions, but I want to be a surgeon someday ☺

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    1. Thanks hannah, it ok, you can ask me the questions, I will answer them. Yah it can be so tiring but at the same time like you said interesting and you get to learn a lot during the process. I plan on going for residency after internship, not immediately but honestly for now, I am not sure of the department yet. I enjoyed surgery rotations it was great for me but specializing there, not sure. I will be surveying first dear then choose later. Xo

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      1. That’s so cool! There’s so many specialities it’s hard to choose. Best wishes for your future endeavors as an intern. Please continue this series, I really like it! xx 😊

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      2. The specialties are endless, very hard and sometimes confusing too. I will sure continue the series, not weekly though. Thank you for reading and commenting dear, it was encouraging for me! Xoxo

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    1. Oh brainy, I really appreciate this, you left me speechless for a while there. Thanks πŸ’˜. You have always been my support from the beginning.. let me use this opportunity to say am grateful. Xoxo ❀

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  2. You’re super gorgeous!! Have you ever done modeling? Giving God my complete and unrestrained trust is something I have been feeling God ask of me lately. Thank you for sharing the way He blessed you when you gave yours to Him! It’s always encouraging to hear when God works in lives of others as you yourself feel Him tugging at you so He could do the same in yours!

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    1. Just got back from drama practice and I knew you would have breezed in already.. Thanks dearie, yes I have, I will surely hang in there..do enjoy the rest of your weekend πŸ’˜. xoxo

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  3. For me this first week as an intern was interesting I got to learn a couple of things and most of the other doctors I worked with were nice and helpful. Its the beginning of a beautiful journey for me and I believe for you too.

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  4. It’s great to know that you really enjoyed your first week, long I pray may it continue.
    But I think mine is better 😜, cos I am in the best team πŸ˜‰.

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  5. When God opens a door, no challenges can close it. No pain or hindrance can change it. I also have been seeking for a co-op position for the summer but it seemed no to be coming forth. I was disturbed but had faith (little like mustard seed) that God never fails and I won’t start my co-op late. I applied to places, went for interviews but all was to no avail.

    The week that the coop was suppose to commence, I woke up one morning and realized I have lots of emails. I went through them and they were all almost jobs offers, interviews offer. And all. I was quite amazed and all that I got were interesting positions. I told God I want paid job and not volunteer. An he did it.

    This previous week was amazing for me and i want to reassure someone here that God isn’t dead in your situation, he is always working for and on your behalf. Have a bless week.

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    1. Wowwww! I am happy for you dear, God definitely hears us when we call on Him, He is never too late or early, He always shows up. Congratulations oh, I am glad you enjoyed your first week also.. have a wonderful week too. πŸ’˜πŸ’˜

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  6. It was great reading about your week. Am sure you must be looking forward to the coming weeks.
    About my week… All I did was study.. yes, my exams are going on. So that’s what I was doing. ✌

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    1. Thanks NNN! Just relax and take the stress off yourself first, let that terrify part disappear before you choose, so you won’t just end up picking just anything. Research is great, widens your scope and helps with more knowledge on each. Take your time dear and choose what’s best for you. Xoxo


  7. Congratulations on your internship debbie, glad you had a great week. I admire your strength working on a night shift. And wow 25 hrs on your first day? Thats long πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ’•


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  8. I used to work lots of ‘night shifts’… oh that 3 a.m. feeling… I empathise! What a wonderful opportunity you have though and to really make a difference – fantastic! x

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  9. I would love to be you!!! I am currently tossing up to be or not to be a doctor… You’re such an inspiration. Good luck in your journey and yes, your journey is unique, beautiful and worthwhile. Sending love :).

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    1. There u are Irene! Thanks a lot for stopping by. Sit and write the cons, pros and the why you would love to be a doctor, that will give you much more insight on which way to go.. Medicine is great and a lot of work that really never ends. I really appreciate the sweet words.. putting a smile on my face.xoxo


  10. Internships is always an amazing experience in life , I too remember my interns days where everyday we learn new things in organizations and taking a first step towards your career. All the best πŸ‘

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