Meet new people and Mingle!

Hello my dears! 

Yah I know, it’s been a while, I have missed you and I hope you are all doing good?

Today’s piece is mainly directed towards knowing eachother better by allowing everyone to drop their best piece here and we will be checking them out together, dropping comments and constructive corrections. You can bring along your friends too so we can have more fun!

It’s gonna go like this;

1. Introduce yourself

2. Tell us something interesting about you

3. Drop the link to your favorite piece in the comment below (only one, it could be yours or a friend that blogs if you don’t)

4. Check out at least two person’s piece and comment on them.


These are the niche I would be focusing more on my personal blogging journey;

As a person I like to motivate, Inspire and put a smile on people’s faces on a daily basis. I also enjoy putting people through or advising them on the easier, faster or better ways to get things done. This platform is a great place to continue and reach out to more people even if it’s just once in a week or fortnightly.

I am a medical doctor by profession, sharing how to live a healthier life and awareness of the so called “little” illnesses that later on in life becomes a big deal would absolutely be beneficial to my readers. Look out for the continuity of my Diary of an Intern series.

The rest of my pieces would go directly on my blog Facebook page @omobim1, do follow, like and share of you don’t want to miss anything.

Go straight to the comment section!

Lots of Love from your girl

24 thoughts on “Meet new people and Mingle!

  1. I am Abimbola, the owner of the hand holding the pen that writes OMOBIM1 blog posts. Now I focus on motivational, Inspirational and medical niche.

    Hmm.. something interesting? I constantly speak to myself especially when I am nervous about something, I simply say aloud, “Abimbola, take a chill pill, they will love you, you will perform excellently well”. Or “Remember you are the best Debby”.

    My favorite post would be 2 LEGS IN ADULTHOOD It opened my eyes to reality.

    When people start posting I will check them out and verify also!

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  2. 1. My name is Victoria and the owner of Victorias Bubble. My aim through my blog is to motivate, inspire and essentially express myself by keeping it 100% real.
    2. I am 22 and I aspire to be a licensed therapist, own my own practice along with several apps and books
    3. My favourite blog post that I’ve written was a bit of a rant, as is titled: Body Image Struggles: Weight Gain
    4. Excited to check out others blog posts!

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    1. Welcome V.O.L! It’s good to have you here. I am a very huge fan of your blog posts and not only does it inspires but also motivates.

      I pray you will achieve all your heart desires and be a great therapist.

      Yah I did read that post when it was first posted and not only was I surprised that someone was trying to gain weight while I was trying to drop down some pounds but also I was really fascinated about how you ended it the post, you called your body “HOME” basically a place you have been in for 22years, that was intense, and that we should be comfortable in it, I was glad I read it when I did.

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    2. Omg!!! For once in a lifetime, I’ve found someone with similar issues. I swear down, it’s very annoying. People feel like it’s okay to say their own rude 2 cents to someone who is skinny but censor themselves when it comes to the opposite side of the fence. And being in the medical field, when someone tells me stuff like that I’m like ‘skinny people get sick too’. There are risks associated with being either underweight or overweight. And being African, I’m supposed to have boobs and a big butt so somehow I don’t meet the African woman cut like I’ve been told by other women actually. One said, you know you should try and gain some weight. African men like meat on their women… (Like I haven’t tried). Another said ‘You should add weight so that you’ll become a woman like us’ (Like I’m not already a woman). And yet another said ‘For people like us, any little thing can easily become sexy but for people like you with legs like broomsticks, the dress has to be almost to your hips before it is sexy’. All said by women… I also have the ones made by guys too. I can honestly say I’ve never been more emotionally bullied or made to feel more self conscious about my body than now. Thank you for your post, you’re not alone💪

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      1. Thank you so much dear. I feel and have experienced the struggle of everything which you have described. It seems that being a skinny African girl is somewhat of an anomaly 😂 – nevermind.. thank God we are more than our looks🌺

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  3. Okay, so I’m Eloho, writer for YcleptIneffable where I mingle writing with art and a little sprinkle of light. My page is focused on what my tag line says; ‘Life happens but you happen too!’

    I honestly don’t know what would be considered interesting about me by somebody else. I could go with the fact that I don’t really have favourites apart from numbers. I have favourite numbers. And, I cook with my senses.. I know how well spices will work together by smelling and feeling them.

    One of my favourite posts is ‘I know who stole hope’

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