DIARY OF AN INTERN #2| thank you mama

Image-9580_1It was my turn to rotate in Labour room this week, I moved up and down attending to patients of different ages, colors, races and shapes, they all had one thing in common as they were brought into the room, PAIN. They were either weeping or screaming, and couple of minutes or hours later, pastering around, rolling on the bed or squatting to push out the baby.

I was also moved to the birthing room where the real deal (babies delivery) takes place. The first few hours was somewhat terrifying and so emotional for me just like it was while rotating as a student. 

As I stood there assisting, I wondered and kept asking myself, “how will this big head come through this small hole?” Though I knew the answer, it still didn’t stop me from asking the question over and over again till the delivery was done on each patient. 

Following my emotional meltdown is the part that brings the greatest joy to my heart and smile on my face, the sight of the baby and then the cry. The mother can finally breath fine again!

The pain, the push, the cry, the scream, all these my mama had to go through several times again. She had the option of abortion at her discretion but she chose to have all of us (7 in total). She endured it all and still stood by us as we grew. 

“Motherhood is tough 24 hour job, no pay, no day off, sometimes it is unappreciated, but yet resignation is impossible. A mother is a woman who was created by God to bring love, joy, happiness and caring into his world. You did all this and made sure our family keeps going.” Motherhood poetry.

Firsthand, I see what you had to go through Mama. You put up with so much and still loves us the same. Words cannot describe fully how special you are to me, I know daddy will become jealous but you are my first love too. I want to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU MAMA KE, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Proverbs 31vs10 says, “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.”

I am celebrating my two mothers 

My sis during pregnancy
My sis and her baby

To my two lovely mommies, looking young and fresh, always turning 20 every year.. I love you, I miss you and I can’t wait to step into your shoes and be a wonderful mom too just like you have been to me always.


To appreciate your mama:

*Give her a “thank you kiss” for keeping your pregnancy whether it was planned or not.

*If you cannot get to her like me, message her, tell her how much you love her and how grateful you are.



47 thoughts on “DIARY OF AN INTERN #2| thank you mama

    1. I am glad we have the love of our mothers in common! Do it, she will appreciate you. We love them, we need to show it as often as possible..so they affirm what they already know. Thanks my dear for reading and commenting.. lots of love. πŸ’˜

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  1. This is a true talk and confidentiality in confirmed God’s work that’s beyond humans imagination in all ramifications.

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  2. I have heard a lot about both of these beautiful women in today’s article. They are true epitome of virtues women.
    The scripture says, “by their fruit, we shall know them”. And an Igbo adage says, “snake can never seize to stop giving birth to long creatures (it’s kind)”. In a community whenever an evil child strikes another abomination after another, the villagers will always trace it back to his/her lineage. Saying something like this, “Dont u know his father?”, “like father like son”, “his uncle was just exactly the same” or “are we surprised this is coming out from Okeke’s family?”, e.t.c.
    What am I trying to say, from your behavior and morals, it’s not hard to trace where they all come from. I am not surprised u took after them. Lovely, united, happy and God fearing family brings out forth happy n beautiful pple.
    Though they say, “men are the head of the family”, but it takes a woman to make it a home. Women makes our home to tick. And I can see that in all the women u are celebrating today.
    Sometimes we take all u women go through for granted, but thank God that a day like this is set out to celebrate such wonderful gems.
    My felicitations goes out to them, to you(as a future mother), to my mommy and to all mothers out there.

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    1. Wowowowow, thanks alot @kaycee, your mom would definitely be proud of you. I appreciate you reading and dropping this comment here. I was smiling as I read it, fantastically written..haha. kudos our mothers, they have done a great job on us and are still in continuous action towards our purpose fulfillment in life. They are really amazing! Can’t wait to join the motherhood community..

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    1. Yes oh, we are lucky to have the great people we were raised in our lives.. I am so grateful too! They have indeed done a great job. Thanks kaylee for checking out my piece as always. Lots of love from here..

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  3. Mothers are loving, beautiful, intelligent, caring, amazing, protective, supportive, wise…… Words aren’t enough to express who they are…. I remembered the first time I witnessed child birth, I appreciated mothers more that day.

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    1. I know right! There is just something about it that make you realise you haven’t been thanking her enough..haha. I am glad I am not alone in this.. thanks @doingthenaturalblog! I appreciate your comment. ❀

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  4. Woow. I am blessed to have great women in my family who have great things within them that is so rare. I have great sisters as mother and I also have the woman that isn’t only my carrier but also my stepping stone (I follow her lead and doings). My mother is a wonderful example to follow. I couldn’t have asked for any other family. My family is the best and please don’t wait until designated days to celebrate yourself and your family. Everyday is a new day to appreciate one another.

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  5. Loved reading this, so heartfelt and words we don’t say often enough!
    I still cannot fully comprehend what my mom sacrificed for me, but in as far as I know how, I am eternally grateful!

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    1. Hi chelsea dear, please don’t post this on people’s page anymore if you have been doing so. You would send potential followers away. Don’t follow 4 follow, follow only because you like the person’s posts and if the person feels the same way he/she will follow back.. I know it’s all new and can be frustrating sometimes if people didn’t follow but don’t take offense and don’t unfollow them for that reason. Followers comes with time. I will check out your piece later on. Keep writing!


    1. Thank you! Oh about paying her back, I don’t think so, we owe them too much but what we could do is to always make her proud of us, be the best version of ourselves and finally, take good care of them till they age.
      I appreciate you reading and commenting.

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