​Hello everyone!! Happy Easter! Christ has risen, it so happen to be my birthdate also, I am so special. 

This poem is to my beautiful self. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

twenty something years ago

On this special day

A priceless jewel 

Came into this world

Her first cry brought happiness 

And mama’s pain was forgotten

Her first smile brought joy

And the room lightened up 

She grew in wisdom and knowledge

Understanding the world around her

She was taught everything

In the ways of the Lord

She remains courageous

in the face of dismay

She becomes stronger

In the face of fear

When others sees the worst

She sees the best

For what she believes 

She would stand her ground

She works smart then hard

Always taking the lead

She doesn’t take “No” for an answer

Striving hard to get what she wants

She competes with herself 

To become a better person

She has a strong drive

Which keeps pushing her forward

She loves deeply

even when it hurts

Forgives easily

Holding no grudges

She is the apple of God’s eye

Fearfully and wonderfully made

She is the valve in her family’s heart

Greatly and unconditionally loved

Today is the day 

She marks another year

Yesterday she was born

She is a grown up now

Lot of Love to you all..

1st and 2nd Pictures; Google images


60 thoughts on “Dear me, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  1. Happy birthday! I love the dance picture and the poem. Your post mad me smile, for reals, like people around me could see my teeth. I hope my lunch wasn’t smiling back at them… well done!

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  2. Debby YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Completely love this poem and that you wrote it to celebrate you.
    Happy birthday, Debby. We are fellow Aries (my birthday is April 4th). Congratulations on being you.

    Welcome to Forgiving Connects … so glad to have your reading my blog. It is a blessing — Smiles, Debbie

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    1. My head swells with all this and can’t stop blushing, thanks for checking out my post like you said..I am glad you love the poem. Happy belated birthday to you with 💘 are my sunshine today..haha. xoxo

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