The key to open the door to your happiness is with you (4 min read)


A life filled with happiness is a life worth living. I don’t have it all but am contented with what I have for now.
My happiness is not derived from things I would like to possess or what I possess already but from within.

Why are many of us so unhappy because we haven’t attained that big height yet? Rome wasn’t built in a day my dears.

We’re far better off than some people out there, yet complain and mumble is the order of our day.

We rejoice for a while about that accomplishment, and soon forget the joyous feeling that came with it when our eyes are fixed on the next dream. This even sometimes makes some of us stumble because we feel like we haven’t accomplished anything before.

I will share with you why some people i know are not happy:

  • If I get the internship and am able to travel for my residency, then I will be happy. Hmm, why are you not happy you are a doctor now? No answer.
  • One day I will open my own well known hospital then only will I be happy.. why are you not happy today? Do you have to wait for one day? No answer still.
  • Oh, you won’t understand, if only I could get that car, I would be happy. Wow, why are you not happy with the one you are driving now? No answer to that also.
  • If only there was a better house I could live in with everything I ever wanted, then I will be happy. Why are you not glad you have a roof over your head? No answer to that either.

All lies, when you get that house or the job or the popularity, you will soon become unhappy again because now, you want something else.

Human beings are never satisfied. You think that thing you are chasing after now will give you happiness, wait until you get it, you will realize there is another thing waiting on the list already.
Apostle paul in Philippians 4vs11

 “I am not saying this because I am in any need, for I have learned to be content in whatever situation I am in.”


Don’t make a stressful event make you realise how grateful you should be.You might not have the whole world but be contented with the little community you have, it will open the door of your inner happiness.

img_20160717_135936_2_20170324160503901_1_1.jpgLets make a list of 10 things that are already in our lifes that brings us joy or we are grateful for. My list:

1. Life; am privileged to be among the living.

2. Shelter; I have a roof over my head, a place I call home.

3. Family; they are wonderful, i really miss them.

4. Guitar; not perfect while playing but it brings me to a place of perfection.

5. Writing; it’s new and it makes me happy.

6. Church; am jusr happy each moment it’s time to go to the house of the Lord.

7. Bed; it takes me to dream land.

8. Health; I am not on the hospital bed right now.

9. Friends; oh, i have got amazing ones, they always got my back.

10. Career; it’s a work in progress, I have gone this far, I have reached this point.

Post it on your bathroom mirror, fridge or door and let it remind you each time of the power of contentment you possess. Be happy!!

How About you?

  • What would you include on your list that’s not on mine?
  • Any of mine that resonate with you?
  • I would love it if you would share what you already have that makes you happy or you are grateful for below in the comments.

Have a fabulous week 🙌 ahead.

First Pic credit. Eloho Branch 💘


28 thoughts on “The key to open the door to your happiness is with you (4 min read)

  1. I swear, it’s not easy sometimes but the tip about being content helps a lot with keeping focus and maintaining joy, which is coincidentally one of my points in my blog that’s going up tomorrow 😂. Great minds… Anyway, I feel like something else we need in order to maintain it is consistency. For example, I was consistent with all my points on joy and I was happy and excited for almost 2 weeks straight but the moment I started slacking, it became a struggle to maintain the hype. Thank you for your post 🙌🙌🙌, it’s encouraging me to go back to my routine. I’ll start today. Love you 😘😘😘

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    1. Yah @meme, i totally understand, i had to go for affirmation sometimes to keep myself standing, it not easy but when you stay happy, there is just a part of you that is always on top of the world no matter what. Am glad you enjoyed the piece and most of all, it lifted you to start back your routine, am happy. Our mind works in the same direction haha. Enjoy the start of a new week meme 💘💘

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  2. It’s a timely post. We are reminded that our life does not consist in the abundance of the things we have. Happiness is a choice and so we can choose to be happy. Good job😊💪

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  3. It is interesting how these useful tips help us attain so much everyday. I totally agree that happiness comes from appreciating what we have – it is a universal ideal. Good one Bimini. But this is not a 3-min read o. Lol. Cheers!

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    1. Hmm Bimini, i like it. Thanks for reading my blog post, i appreciate, oh i might have used my reading gage, sorry about that, will use internet average read next time. Am also glad you find the tips useful, do try and share, would love to know what you are grateful for or makes you happy definitely.

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  4. To live a life full of happiness and free from worries for me, is the ultimate life . I have set my goals and know what I need to accomplish in life, and I am constantly working towards it to make it a reality.
    But I do not base my happiness on how much success I am with them. This is where I think so many people get that dissatisfaction that makes them unhappy with life. They had set goals which they desired, but on falling shorts from them, they have this feeling of distaste within them. That is why we should try as much as possible not to attach our success with happiness. Because if we do, when we do not succeed, we become unhappy (it’s comes naturally, no two ways about that).
    One thing we should equally try to differentiate is desire/ambition from its effects. For instance, someone desiring to be somewhere or to have something at a specific time, does not necessary mean they are dissatisfied or unhappy. Taking myself for an example, I have so many things I desire to achieve within a year, but that does not mean I am not happy. It simply means ‘goal setting’. And whether or not I achieve all, that will never affect the state of my happiness. This is because, I have already stamped it in my mind/reprogrammed my mind to be happy always and my brain has accepted it that way. Since I came to know about this principle, I never get disappointed or unhappy for anything.
    Finally, unto the list of things that makes me happy, mine is not much: family first, friends next and life (literally all the time I try to motivate myself to remain happy, no matter what).
    So I resist to attach my happiness to anything other than these, in order to remain happy even in the absence of those things.
    My dear, day by day you keep on improving on your writing. More and more synovium to your knuckles 😜

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    1. Hmmmmmm, @innocent, i am so glad that you have chosen happiness no matter what, i wish everyone could do the same, I am really touched, great achievement. Your list contain pretty much everything if you break it all down. Thanks a lot, you always take your time to comment and give your opinion, i appreciate it, kinda my biggest Amen to the last part and yes am improving on everything.. enjoy your week..

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  5. I wish everyone could choose happiness too. Some would like to, but don’t know how to apply the principles. I was like that a year ago.
    😄😁😄😁😄 to being the biggest fan.
    But the number one happiness comes from knowing that I am a child of God and the hope that I have to be with Him on the last day (can’t believe I omit that).
    Have a splendid week too.

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  6. Love this post!! I love the tip about finding 10 things and posting. To make yourself realize that there is so much to be thankful for and happy about. So much that we take for granted. Well done.

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  7. Definitely true – people are never satisfied and I think it can be a good thing. It means we’ll always strive for more but … hopefully we won’t turn on the destructive path. Oh, how I love posts about happiness!

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