No matter what you do, people are always going to have something to say whether good or bad, they will judge and try to mold you into what they want you to be, so why rely on them to define who you are? i am who i am, i say, “YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE!“.  

Lot of things including environmental, social, parental, cultural etc summed up and made you who you are, so don’t take up someone’s else identity and forget yourself by copying them or allowing their words or action dictate your existence.

Change is hard but constant and inevitable, like it or not, it will happen at the end whether consciously or otherwise but don’t change because you are forced to, do it because you want to and at your own pace if u deem it necessary, only for your growth and improvement.

In the midst of all the confusion of this world, life tossing you right, left and center, the only thing that can keep you sane is if u are convinced about who you are, and because you are not like him or her doesn’t make you WEIRD.

There are certainly no perfect person in this world no matter how put together they may seem on the outside, don’t beat yourself too hard, love and appreciate yourself, be proud of who you are because WE ARE WHO WE ARE.


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36 thoughts on “WE ARE WHO WE ARE

  1. What a unique piece of write-up. It’s so true. We don’t have to change for anybody, if they can’t accept you the way you are, then they are not suppose to be part of your life. Change comes anytime we deemed it necessary to correct certain parts of our lives that we deemed worthy of mending.
    And we should remember that true and sincere change sets in only when the individual involved decided on his/her own to amend his/her ways, not when forced on them.

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    1. @innocent, you are on point, I appreciate the time taking to read and comment, your write up is definitely a added piece to mine, we have just got to realize we are who we are and people need to accept us like that to be able to maintain a long lasting relationship, as correction and growth occurs, change is bound to occur… Thanks bestie

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  2. This is such an inspiring page. Change happens but it’s important to change based on yourself and not on others. I love this. God bless you

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  3. Thank you for this post.The other comments have basically put down what I feel.
    All I have left to say is – keep this up!You just don’t know when and how your posts might be the light in someone’s tunnel!:)


  4. I agree with everything said, but this writing seems a bit cheesy, and that may be a reason for someone to stop reading the blog right init’s tracks. It doesn’t detract me, but it could with other people. I can get behind the motivational stuff, I think it’s great, but try to diversify your content. Just a bit of constructive criticism! I apologize if I came off sounding a bit rude.

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    1. Thanks for taking time to read my post and for your honest opinion, no apologies necessary. It’s all new to me and correction builds not break me. It becomes easier and better as time goes and I’ll eventually find balance.

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    1. Yah msarora, you own that to yourself, if you change cos you are forced to, you will get choked up on day and realize it hasn’t been you at all. Do it if you deem it necessary then you will enjoy the own change package.. Thanks for reading my post.. πŸ˜ƒ

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  5. Your post is beautiful, though i think it would have been more interesting if you had personalised it (shared your experiences on the subject ). I am also a new blogger, i would appreciate your feedback on my blog (especially my first post).

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    1. Thanks bafikile for taken the time out, I would work on that for upcoming posts. Ok i would sure check your blog post and give my feedback, welcome to blogging world too i guess, we newbies should totally have a way of welcoming ourselves..lol. enjoy your weekend..πŸ˜ƒ

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  6. Yes welcome and happy blogging to you (us) πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ… sorry for the confusion but here’s my blog link, the other one was incorrect, i saw you tried to respond bafikilesdiary.wordpress.com or you can just tap on my name the error is corrected.

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  7. πŸ†’! I love it. We ourselves are maker of ourselves.
    Reading that got me stucked in here.
    Open your mind….. Your future depends on it. Stay motivated and inspired on mind961.wordpress.com

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  8. This is some deep stuff. You know how we grow up thinking I wanna be like this person, I wanna be like that person. Oh they’re popular, oh they have this and that, oh people say good things about them – I should be like them. We not only lose the sense of self we actually never really tap into it. The world would be a more positive place if we allowed everyone to actually discover themselves instead of trying to make people fit into a fixed system.

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    1. Hmmm, that’s true, we totally lose ourselves on the way and sometimes never reach the destination to become that person meanwhile people who do ends up unhappy because that’s not who they really are. It would have been better oh and the world would be a better place.

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      1. It’s just really and I mean it: really hard to be our true selves in a world where everyone expects us to be someone THEY would like hanging out with or working with. We need to fix our expectations towards the people around us, too. Social standards are not the best yet we keep trying to fit in on a subconscious level.

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      2. We all have a lot to in regards to that I guess, we need to keep reminding ourselves who we really are as often as possible, so we don’t get lost in the midst.

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